About us

The company

We began manufacturing in 1963 and since the day we opened our doors, we have strived to be the premier manufacturer of quartz-based products. We continue to work every day to provide extraordinary service, before and after the sale. Our manufacturing facility in Overland Park, Kansas is continually being upgraded through investment in personnel, equipment and facility. This enables us to provide high quality products at any quantity, manufactured to best serve our customers needs. In addition to our high volume manufacturing, we are especially proud of our design, prototype and quick-turn services. Whether it is a new design or troubleshooting a problem, please call. Providing solutions is a challenge we meet every day.

The staff

The common denominator for every aspect of INFICON EDC's success is quality. This is achieved by the hard work and dedication of everyone involved. At INFICON EDC, we have leadership and direction from our Senior Management, the technical expertise of our Engineers, Customer Service Representatives dedicated to exceeding our customer's expectations and the commitment to quality by all employees. The dedication does not happen itself it involves quality people producing quality products. Our company's philosophy is total involvement and responsibility in every aspect of the business by each and every one of our employees. We practice this philosophy with company-wide monthly meetings on direction and performance, group problem solving and decision-making and the free-flow of information between departments. Furthermore, involvement and dedication is rewarded in the form of monthly profit sharing. The people involved with our manufacturing process are the epitome of loyalty, both to INFICON EDC and the customers we serve. Long tenure is the norm on the plant floor. In fact, the average seniority of our manufacturing personnel is 15 years of service with INFICON EDC. Thirty percent of our work force exceeds 20 years of service and ten percent exceeds 25 years. This level of knowledge and involvement assures quality at every step in the process, regardless of whether it is a high volume run or a single component. Dedication and commitment are the everyday standards of our manufacturing personnel.

The administration

Our administrative staff is kept small to reduce our overhead, which allows us to continue to be a low cost provider to our customers. At the same time, it is large enough to insure that all of the necessary resources are in place for our operations and customers needs. Human Resources, Finance, Credit and all Corporate Management are gathered under the Administrative umbrella.